A holy Lent begins with humility

The Very Rev. Samuel G. Candler, the dean of my church, had some wonderful pre-Ash Wednesday thoughts that I wanted to share:

A holy Lent begins with humility, which is a deep word. The word “humility,” comes from the Latin word, “humus,” which means, of course, “organic earth,” or “dirt.” I think humus is actually “good dirt.” For Christians, to be humble does not mean getting stepped on like a doormat; it means being “down to earth” like good and honest soil. Humility means being real, being authentic about who we are, not thinking more about ourselves than what we really are. Humility means being the fertile soil which allows great things to grow. (Read the full post on Dean Candler’s blog.)

Also, for those who can handle a Lenten laugh, this is pretty hilarious.  I’m going to participate this year! I figure at the very least it will be educational: