31 Days of Wishes: Wish #1

I’m joining in on the 31 Days of Wishes!  Here’s a little description from their website:

31 Days of WishesEvery day for the 31 days in December, make a wish. We realize it’s the holiday season, and full of gift giving and wishes for gifts yet to be received. And while the wishes we wish for 31DoW could be “gift” related (like roller skates or the new perfume by Faith Hill), they could also be wishes that are along the lines of health, prosperity, and happiness. They could be wishes for our government, or the pet shelter down the street. Wishes for our planet or our space program. Wishes for higher education or the local pre-school. Wishes for your business, or a neighbor who’s struggling.

The wish you wish each day could be sparked by something going on in your life, in the news, or by something you saw in a movie or read in a book. It could be sparked by something you’re passionate about, or something you’re moved about on the spur of the moment.

When you have the wish, you might simply say it aloud. Or you might choose to write it on paper, blog about it, draw it, or sing it! As with 30 Days of Thanks, there’s simply no wrong way to do this. Just make the way you do it your own–as unique and special as you are!

Never one to leave things to “chance,” I’m going to write each of my wishes as a prayer . . . because when I do wish for something, I pray about it!

So today is Wish #1:

I pray that my boyfriend does well with his finals.  It’s his first semester at this university, and he’s nervous (understandably so).  I think he’ll do fine, but I pray that he does well and he feels confident as he’s taking his tests!