Prayer Request: Friend from High School

I just had the most bizarre conversation with a friend from high school via Facebook Chat.  We led a Bible study together our year, and once we graduated I tried to stay in touch with him, but he never returned my emails/Christmas cards/IMs.  We found each other on Facebook, but it was way back when everyone was first joining up and so we didn’t actually have any conversation at the time.  I’ve often wondered how he was doing – our junior year (and prior) he had run with a rough crowd, and I occasionally thought of him and where he might be both in life and spiritually right now.  He was a great friend, and I learned a lot from him through the Bible study we led.

Today, out of no where, he IMs me on Facebook Chat to tell me that he is stranded in London, was robbed at gunpoint last night, and now needs help to pay for his hotel bills.  Since we haven’t been in touch in such a long time and the described situation was certainly convenient, I didn’t know whether to believe him or not.  Regardless, I don’t have the money to give to him, even if we’d just talked last week.  When I told him I couldn’t help him, but that I would pray for him, he laughed and said “God is Able.”

Then he de-friended me.

I don’t know if he did have this horrible thing happen to him or not, but clearly he is needing some prayer right now (either for help with the terrible situation, or help with whatever might be going on to make him make up such a horrible story).  Please, say a prayer for him.

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    1. Ack! That’s terrible!!! I sure hope that you’re right and that’s what happened. Wish I had some other contact info for him so that I could check and see if he’s OK . . .

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