The Bible? There’s an app for that.

iPhone Bible appI’ve started using a really neat iPhone app – it’s called YouVersion, and it is basically the full Bible (in several versions).  It also allows for notetaking, highlighting, etc.  And it gives you 3 verses for the daily reading (using the plan developed by Robert Roberts).  I like the fact that I can easily reference the Bible from anywhere (my physical Bible is large, and not something I carry with me regularly . . . but I always have my iPhone).  I’m trying to get back into regularly reading the word, and the fact that I can do a bit of daily reading each day as I ride MARTA to work is awesome to me!

The app was developed by – is anyone familiar with this organization?  It seems like this is a really interesting concept – a church that is primarily based online.  There are several service times, they’re big into podcasting and social media, and they appear to have a very active blog.  I’ve always thought that the communal nature of the Internet would be an interesting place to try and grow a church home, and it looks like is attempting to do just that.  I’d love to hear more about how this works if you’ve had some experience with them!