Reading Red Letters 2.0

As you can see, the talented Leanne Wildermuth has completed the new look for Reading Red Letters – and man, did she do a fantastic job or what?!

The thought for this new design came from the practice that churches have of changing their altar hangings, robes, etc. with the changing church seasons.  I thought “wouldn’t it be really cool if my blog could do that?”  Then I found this neat plugin by Scott Lenger called Liturgical Year Themes.  I knew that I wanted Leanne to do the re-design (both because she does beautiful work and because she did my original design), and she was adventurous enough to give it a try using this plugin.  I think it turned out pretty snazzy!

I’m totally going to steal the screenshot Leanne has up on her blog so that you can see a little preview of what is to come throughout the year:

Screenshot Preview

Thank you so much Leanne for all your hard work and for allowing me to change my mind several times!  I am thrilled with the way that things turned out, and I can’t wait to change seasons!!

This post is being re-posted on 7/7/09 – I had a backup malfunction and lost 3 months of posts, and so I am re-posting them through my findings with Google Cache. I did NOT delete the comments, I just have no way of restoring them. I am sorry if you commented and it is lost!