A Percolating Idea

Those of you who have read my “About Me” know that I was extremely active all four years of college with Living Parables Christian Drama Troupe (I even posted a script draft here once).  You also know that I am currently in graduate school for performing arts management.  My goal is to (eventually) become the managing director of a theatre.  However, I have an idea that has percolated for quite some time, and as I am approaching the third year of my program (my internship year . . . the year I write my thesis), I’m thinking that I really need to explore this idea a little bit more seriously.

The idea shouldn’t be a big surprise.  When I was in high school, I thought that a really cool idea would be to have a Christian theatre.  I felt so blessed to find Living Parables at my college!  Now that I’m seeing my career in the theatre, I’m wondering if I might one day actually start a Christian theatre.  My idea is that we would perform in churches and organizations as well as have larger productions in a theatre.  We would perform some existing work, but there would be a heavy emphasis on development, and much of what we would perform would be original work.

Why am I posting about this?  Well, it’s on my mind since I’m starting to think about thesis ideas (I’m considering creating a full business plan for this venture as my final thesis), but I also wanted a little bit of feedback.  If you had a group come in to your church for a performance, possibly retelling Bible stories or creating new skits that would be “modern-day” parables, what would you want to see?  What what are some new, artistic ways to express God’s love, our Christian walk, and the thoughts of the Bible?  What have you seen so many times that you hope to never see it again?