Sorry for the hiatus!

I haven’t posted in almost a month, and I’m so sorry about that! Things have been busy with work, and I just returned from a trip to my parents’ in Florida! This week I return to regular posting!

What was I doing in Florida? Why, I was taking confirmation classes to join the Episcopal Church! This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but have been unable to get the scheduling to work out. I wanted to join at our church at home instead of a church up here in North Carolina, but every time the class was offered I was unable to make it back to Florida to attend. But this year, it worked out, and I am so thrilled that I will be able to join the church now! The actual service takes place in a month, so I’m not official yet, but I learned a lot, and I will be sharing a post soon about what I’ve learned about the Book of Common Prayer.