Studio 60 Update

Thought I’d post a bried update on the new show Studio 60. In my original post about this show I mentioned that one of the main characters, Harriet, is a Christian, and the show is portraying this Christian character in a very differrent light than we usually see Christians in entertainment. As in, she’s not a psycho religious zealot, and she’s not an extreme hypocrite. She’s human, and she’s a Christian.

Sarah PaulsonIt’s been almost a month now, and the show is quite funny. I’m really enjoying watching it every week. And I especially enjoy Harriet’s character, played by the talented Sarah Paulson (her impressions crack me up). She doesn’t care if the show makes fun of Christians – and in all honesty, that doesn’t really bother me in shows either. I only get offended when the media gets all accusatory and assumes that all Christians are fanatic. However, Harriet’s character does draw the line when the writer wishes to perform a script that makes fun of a small town community. Referring to skits that make fun of conservatives and Christians, Harriet says “‘Crazy Christians,’ ‘Science Schmience,’ ‘Bush and the Republicans’ are all fair game; it’s hypocrisy and power. These guys are just trying to raise their kids.”

The show gets my thumbs up. And check out what beliefnet has to say about the show!