In “Other” Words #2

In Other Words

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.”
~ Erma Bombech ~

I can’t agree more! Dreams are something that you hold in a special place in your heart. In your dreams, anything is possible, and no one has told you that it’s impossible or stupid. By sharing your dream with someone else, you are opening yourself up for criticism and ridicule. It can be quite terrifying to share your dream, and it certainly takes a lot of courage.

I feel like in a lot of ways sharing your dreams can be like sharing your faith. You’re putting a personal part of yourself out there, and you’re not sure how it’s going to be received. If people laugh, you might lose credibility, and be labeled as crazy or unintelligent. It is so much easier to just hold things inside where they are safe.

But if you don’t share your dreams, how will they ever become your reality? How can you achieve what you truly want without making a visible and vocal stance for what is important to you? In this way, you can clearly see how this relates to sharing your faith. How can you share the joy in your life, and the Good Word of God without taking a chance.

It takes a lot of courage. Do you have what it takes?

(This is actually something I’m extremely commited to – the philosophy of the company that I am helping to form, MagicMouth Productions, is HEAVILY based on this exact concept!)

This week’s “In ‘Other’ Words” is hosted by Kari at The CWO Blog. Check there for others’ opinions on this quotation.

6 thoughts on “In “Other” Words #2”

  1. “How can you achieve what you truly want without making a visible and vocal stance for what is important to you?”

    exactly. I have to be able to give it voice before I’m able to see it come to fruition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is my first visit here also. I am looking forward to reading through some of your previous posts…also curious about that business dream of yours??? It’s odd that many instances relating to dreams has crossed my path lately…and I’m wondering if I should be listening a little bit more intently…thanks for sharing in this great meme.

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