Prayer Request for Belarus

A very good friend of mine has spent the last 2 summers in Eastern Europe as a student missionary working with disabled children (Amy is disabled herself – she has a very rare bone disorder called Kniest dysplasia). I received an email today from Amy asking for prayers concerning the upcoming elections in Belarus and the Christians who are protesting.

10,000s christians and several 1000 American volunteers and missionaries are in danger so prayer is needed. Tomorrow is election day in Belarus. The current leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka is running aganist three opposition canidates. Many are already calling it a false election because Lukashenka has cut off the opposition’s access to the media, forbade them to speak in public most of the time (they do the later in anyway at great personal risk) and moved the election up six months so they wouldn’t have time to share their views. As a result, the opposition is planning a massive peaceful protest tomorrow, Lukashenka claims that any protestor is a terrorist (more information).

In the last three months alone Lukashenka has deported many American volunteers and missionaries, sent 100s of protestors to prision or simply made them “disappear” and those who are at great risk if violence breaks out tomorrow. He also has cracked down on Protestants and Catholic believers recently: outlawed home churches (or bible studies or anything else religious related), arrested pastors and priests and made it very hard for Protestants and Catholics to have access to good jobs and educaiton opportutnties. He is also forcing churches to register and hand their membership lists over to the state. Again if violence breaks out many Christians will be at risk because they are seen as enemies of the state.

I [my friend Amy] have many dear friends both Belarusian and American who are risking their lives for what they believe in both spirtually and politically and there are many more who I don’t know. Please keep them in your prayers!

In His Love,

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