Welcome to Reading Red Letters!

I would like to welcome everyone to my newest venture: Reading Red Letters, a Christian faith blog!

While I’m not new to the concept of blogging (my personal blog is Suspension of Disbelief), I am new to religious blogging, so if anyone has any suggestions or comments, I’m all ears!

I’d tell you a little about myself, but you can find that information here. So instead, I’d like to share with you why I wanted to open this site.

So many times we allow ourselves to become slack in keeping up with our religious lifestyles. Work, personal issues, and just the busy nature of our society make it difficult to set aside time for reflection and communion with God. I know that I am not immune to this, and that was a personal reason for starting this site. Not only does a blog force me to make coherent thoughts from the ramblings in my head, but it also makes me accountable to you, the readers. I want this blog to not be me pontificating on the great theological arguments of the ages, but rather a forum for communication on spiritual matters. Your comments and questions will largely dictate the content of this blog. My mission here is not to convert you, not to change you, but rather to CHALLENGE you through what I have learned from the Bible and from others.

Sound cool to everyone? I’d love your thoughts and opinions! You can always leave me comments or a tag on my tagboard, and I’m going to be adding an email link to the sidebar in about 30 seconds, so feel free to hit me up through email as well!

Again, welcome, and I hope that you enjoy this as much as I will!